Atlantic City Boardwalk

The Travel Channel's Annual Best Beach Awards 2014, named Atlantic City, NJ as having the "Best Beach Boardwalk" in the world.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk opened in 1870 and extends for 5.5 miles. It is both the oldest boardwalk in America and the longest in the world.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Rolling Chairs

Rolling Chair

Boardwalk Shops and Salt Water Taffy

Boardwalk Shops Including
James' Saltwater Taffy

Boardwalk Shops

Boardwalk Shops & The
Trump Taj Mahal Casino

Pier Shops at Caesars

The Playground

Bike riding on Atlantic City's Boardwalk

Bicycle Riding
on the Boardwalk


Atlantic City, NJ is right on the Atlantic Ocean, and has gently sloping sand beaches that go right down to the waters edge. Along these sand beaches is the famous boardwalk. Atlantic City was the first to have a boardwalk; the boardwalk being the solution chosen to reduce the amount of sand tracked into hotel lobbies by the hotel guests. The first boardwalk, built in 1870, was only 8 feet wide and was built in 12 foot sections, so that it could be taken up during the winter months, and stored. The present-day boardwalk is 60 feet wide and a little more than 4 miles in length. The boardwalk extends another one and one half miles into Ventnor City, making it the longest boardwalk in the world.

The boardwalk is lined with shops, restaurants, food stands and more. However a a city ordinance required that restaurants, hotels, and shops be located on the west side of the boardwalk, leaving a clear view of the ocean and easy access to the beach. Amusement piers were allowed to be built on the ocean side. Some of the piers built became famous themselves, including Young's Million Dollar Pier, Heinz Pier and Steel Pier.

Another famous Atlantic City and Boardwalk attraction is Saltwater Taffy. Follow this link to find out more about Saltwater Taffy

Originally, the planks on the boardwalk were laid across the walkway. However, later and present versions had the planks laid in a
herringbone pattern to provide a smoother ride for rolling chairs, which had become very popular with Atlantic City visitors. This board layout also makes for smother bike riding.

The boardwalk became one of Atlantic City's most popular attractions. On any day when the weather is nice, the boardwalk is crowded with people enjoying a stroll and checking out the boardwalk shops.

Over the years, numerous large and exclusive hotels were built along the boardwalk to accommodate the many tourists drawn to the city. Most of these have now been converted to casinos, or torn down and rebuilt as casinos. These are not just casinos, but casino resorts, that include luxurious hotel accommodations with views of the beach and ocean. Including the new Revel, there are now 12 casinos in Atlantic City.

Many of the original attractions along the boardwalk were designed to appeal to families, and included rides and games for children. Now the Atlantic City crowd has shifted to an older clientele more interested in gambling, entertainment, shopping and dining. An example is The Pier Shops at Caesars, which features restaurants, sports bars, and shopping. The Pier is connected by a bridge over the boardwalk to the 2nd floor of the Caesars Casino.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is a fun place, and a walk along it is a pleasant and rewarding experience. It is also a fun place to ride a bike in the morning.

In 2011 National Geographic released its list of the top 10 boardwalks in the nation. A.C.'s four-mile boardwalk was number 1.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Photos

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