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LEGO Bricks & More, My First LEGO Set

Lego Bricks and More My First LEGO Set

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A perfect introduction to LEGO building fun, this set features regular and shaped LEGO bricks, windows, a door, a minifigure, wheels, a propeller and a special building plate. Follow the instructions to build a house, car, helicopter, and much more.

LEGO Basic Bricks

Lego Basic Bricks

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Endless building fun! This special set contains 650 colorful LEGO bricks you can use to build almost anything. The only limit is your imagination! LEGO Basic Bricks Deluxe includes bricks in white, orange, red, blue, yellow, brown, black, dark green, and light green. This Lego Individual Bricks & Building Accessories set has 650 pieces. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

LEGO Cars Building Set

Lego Cars Building Set

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Build all sorts of different LEGO cars. Features 1 minifigure, tires, gas hose, computer, broom and bucket, two steering wheels and a lot of other bricks to create cool models. Unlimited creative building fun. Instruction booklet filled with creative, yet simple ideas to inspire building. 139 pieces.

LEGO Brick Box - Lots of Bricks - 221 Pieces

Lego Brick Box

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Kids' imaginations are opened to endless possibilities with this new assortment of LEGO bricks. Includes windows, doors, flowers and figure to help jump start the building process. Includes building instructions for 3 models and photo inspiration for 15 more. New container allows for easy clean up and efficient storage.

LEGO Bricks & More Builders of Tomorrow

Lego Bricks Builders TomorrowKingdoms Knights Showdown

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This special set contains 650 colorful LEGO bricks you can use to build almost anything. The only limit is your imagination.

LEGO House Building Set

 Lego House Building Set

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Includes 2 LEGO minifigures. Features 2 minifigures, door, window, roof tiles, tires and a lot of other bricks to create cool models. Unlimited creative building fun. Instruction booklet filled with creative, yet simple ideas to inspire building. 134 pieces.

LEGO Road Construction Set

Lego Road Construction Set

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Build a truck, a front loader, a steamroller and much more with this exciting construction set! Good mix of standard bricks, special elements and includes a minifigure. Free-build specialized construction models. Classic theme focus for starters - 300 Pieces.

LEGO Green Building Plate

Lego Green Baseplate

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With the base plate, even your more elaborate creations will hold together and be easy to transport and display. It is a 10 inch x 10 inch baseplate.

LEGO Creator Log Cabin

LEGO Creator Log Cabin

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Packed with great details, such as an open fire with chicken, wooden logs, tree and opening doors and windows, this log cabin is an ideal base for a wilderness adventure. Minifigure with backpack, paddle and canoe included. For something different, rebuild it into a country retreat or a river hut.

LEGO Castle Building Set

Lego Castle Building Set

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Ideal for young and inexperienced builders. Build a castle, dragon, horse and cart and much more. Includes knight minifigure with sword and special elements. Instruction booklet filled with creative, yet simple ideas to inspire building.

LEGO Kingdoms Knight's Showdown

Lego Kingdoms Knights Showdown

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In the heat of battle between the forces of the good King and the army of the Dragon Knights, one of the King's brave soldiers duels a Dragon Knight soldier with a powerful catapult. Set includes 2 minifigures: 1 King's army soldier and 1 Dragon Knight soldier.

LEGO Castle Blacksmith Attack

LEGO Castle Blacksmith Attack

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Stop the evil Dragon Knight from stealing the blacksmith’s weapons! Help! The village is under attack and the evil Dragon Knight is trying to take weapons from the blacksmith’s workshop. Can the brave blacksmith stop him from stealing them?

LEGO Education DUPLO Push Train Set

LEGO Push Train Set

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129-piece DUPLO push train set.

Includes themed elements to help students explore movement and transportation, while developing fine motor skills.

Supports a group of four students, age two years and older.

LEGO DUPLO Toy Story The Great Train Chase

LEGO Toy Story The Great Train Chase

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All aboard for fun and imagination! The train is running out of control! Good thing Woody, Buzz and Jessie are here to save the day! Steer the train through the desert archway, but watch out for the cactus. Here comes Buzz Lightyear with his flying wings! LEGO DUPLO bricks and minifigures are colorful, sturdy and safe for smaller hands.

LEGO Education Three Seat Playtable, Solid Hardwood

LEGO THree Seat Playtable

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LEGO Education three-seat play table with matching chairs.

Sturdy, solid hardwood construction for years of wear.

Features three colorful building areas, each topped with a built-in plate to provide a surface for students to design and create LEGO Education and LEGO Education DUPLO objects, buildings, and figures.

Supports a group of six students, age 18 months and older.

LEGO Education DUPLO Brick Set - 144 pieces

LEGO Brick Set - 144 Pieces

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A good supplementary set. 144 pieces.

Attractive and familiar elements that fit easily together.

Includes bricks with eyes, wings, and more.

Unlimited building potential.

LEGO Education Brick Set - 884 pieces

LEGO Brick Set - 884 Pieces

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884-piece LEGO Education bricks set.

Includes bricks in nine colors and 11 sizes, for students to design and build objects, buildings, and figures, using imagination and creativity.

Supports a group of five students, age four years and older.

LEGO Education DUPLO Farm Set

LEGO Education DUPLO Farm Set

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The LEGO Education 779217 150-piece DUPLO farm set includes farm-themed elements to help children two years and older explore farm life. A barn, farm animals, a tractor, farm equipment, figures, and more, encourage children to investigate topics such as animal care, seasons, and crops, while sorting and categorizing. The set supports a group of four students, and comes with a storage container with a transparent lid.

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