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Lego King's Castlet

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LEGO King's Castle

The battle is about to begin! The Dragon soldiers are on the march toward the King’s Castle, and only the White Knight can save the day. Who will win, the King’s soldiers or the Dragon soldiers? You decide with this awesome LEGO Castle set.

Lego Castle Building Set

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LEGO Castle Building Set

Get ready to defend your castle against all enemies and fire breathing dragons. Create an entire medieval scene with a castle, knight minifigure with sword, fire-breathing dragon, cart and many more simple building ideas!

Ideal for young and inexperienced builders.

Lego Castle Dragon Mountain

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LEGO Castle Dragon Mountain

Travel to Dragon Mountain to battle its fire-breathing guardian. Load up the large catapult and fire it at the dragon's tower. Defeat the dragon and the Dragon Wizard. Search for the King's stolen gold hidden in the dragon's nest and find the secret potion room. Then overpower the Dragon soldier on the steps of the tower and rescue the princess from the dark dungeon. Includes 5 minifigures with weapons and accessories: 2 King's Knights, princess, Dragon Wizard and a Dragon soldier.

Lego Castle Medieval Market Village

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LEGO Castle Medieval Market Village

This classic medieval village with marketplace is a perfect match for any LEGO Castle. Full of authentic features, fun accessories and all-new animals to expand and enhance your kingdom; it includes two complete buildings with detailed interiors like a blacksmith’s shop with waterwheel-driven hammer, a food stand, tree, table, cart, cows, chicken, rooster, duck, peasants, knights, rare elements and colors, and more. Play inside: The 2 two-story buildings feature a hinge system that allows you to open and close them as you wish. The soldiers and peasants alike shop and eat in the marketplace filled with baskets of fish, apples and flowers. Sit at the table for a meal of cheese and whole turkey but stay out of the way of the soldiers carrying the kings treasure.

Lego Castle King's Castle Siege Doors, Widows and Tiles Set

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LEGO Castle King's Castle Siege

From this mighty castle, the good King rules over all he surveys. Help him defend the kingdom against the skeleton warriors and their mighty dragon. Firing catapult flings boulders at evil attackers, and moveable walls within the castle help keep the knights safe. Includes catapult, boulders, dragon, knights, skeletons, king and treasure. 973 pieces.

Lego Knights Kingdom Royal Castle

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LEGO Knights Kingdom Royal Castle

A LEGO Legend returns! Inspired by the legendary #6090 Royal King's Castle, the all-new Royal King's Castle rises majestically over the kingdom. From the royal throne room to the wizard's magical laboratory, this is one of the biggest and best LEGO Castles ever! Discover the hidden treasure chest and protect the castle from attackers with catapults and traps...but make sure they don't find the secret entrance!

Lego Disney Castle

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LEGO Disney Castle

Bring the magical world of Disney to your home with The Disney Castle. This highly detailed LEGO® model with over 4,000 pieces offers a rewarding build and play experience, and comes with an array of exciting Disney-themed features and functions. The intricately detailed facade and towers replicate the iconic Walt Disney World® Resort Cinderella Castle, and each accessible castle room includes special features inspired by some of Disney’s greatest animated feature films, providing endless play possibilities with the included minifigures: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Tinker Bell, or other characters from your collection.

LEGO Castle Troll's Mountain Fortress

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LEGO Castle Troll's Mountain Fortress

The trolls have captured the King and imprisoned him in their huge fortress hidden high in the mountains. Guarded by mighty giant trolls and protected by a powerful sorceress and secret traps, the evil Troll King has sworn that his prisoner will never escape. It’s up to the bravest knights in the kingdom to defeat the trolls and rescue their king.

Lego Kingdoms

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LEGO Kingdoms King's Castle

Contains 933 pieces: Prepare to defend the castle, catapults are armed, drawbridge is drawn, the knights are ready! Once upon a time, the King ruled the land and all was good – until the day the Dragon Knight army attacked. Now the valiant King and his soldiers prepare to defend the castle. The catapults are armed, the drawbridge is up and the gate is locked – will the King be victorious? Set includes eight minifigures, wind-up gate and drawbridge and lots of castle accessories.

Lego Knights's Kingdom King's Castle

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LEGO Knight's Kingdom King's Castle

A LEGO® Legend returns! Inspired by the legendary #6090 Royal King's Castle, the all-new Royal King's Castle rises majestically over the kingdom. From the royal throne room to the wizard's magical laboratory, this is one of the biggest and best LEGO Castles ever! Discover the hidden treasure chest and protect the castle from attackers with catapults and traps...but make sure they don't find the secret entrance!

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

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LEGO Harry Potter
Hogwarts Castle

Lord Voldemort and the Dementors lurk outside Hogwarts castle! The Dementors are surrounding Hogwarts, and a battle between Voldemort and Harry is looming. Harry and Dumbledore come face to face with Voldemort, while McGonagall and Flitwick try to keep things under control at Hogwarts. Look inside the castle to reveal incredible details, like Dumbledore’s office with sliding stairs, the Slytherin and Gryffindor common rooms, the Restricted Section of the library and the Great Hall decorated in Slytherin and Gryffindor colors.

LEGO Harry Potter Dragon Alley

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LEGO Harry Potter
Dragon Alley

Expand your very own wizarding world of Harry Potter™! No need to pass through the Leaky Cauldron. Now even Muggles can shop in Diagon Alley by building this fantastically magical set that includes 3 extensively detailed buildings and 11 minifigures! Join Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger as they shop for their Hogwarts™ school supplies. Visit Ollivander's, Borgin and Burke's, and Gringott's Bank. Each Diagon Alley building is realistically detailed. Ollivander's offers an extensive selection of wands, storage shelves and a step ladder that allows Ollivander to gather wands from the top floor. The front desk has an "exploding" function for those inconvenient times when a spell goes awry. Borgin and Burke's includes a scary skeleton, "glow-in-the-dark" elements, a fireplace attached to the Floo Network and a Vanishing Cabinet that Dark wizards might use to sneak into Hogwarts.

LEGO Ninja Castle Set - Emperors Stronghold

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LEGO Ninja Castle Set - Emperors Stronghold

In the hidden depths of the ancient Orient two Ninja teams are locked in a bitter struggle to control the precious treasure, and each will do anything to win. Create traps, explore the secret surprises, and control the action with sets from the LEGO SYSTEM Ninja Collection.

LEGO Lord of Rings Castle

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LEGO The Lord of Rings Battle of Helms

The battle for Middle Earth rages on in the LEGO Battle of Helm's Deep fortress set. Help Aragorn, King Théoden, Gimli, and Haldir repel the Uruk-hai army by stationing your men atop the outer fortress wall, deploying your catapult, and climbing the tower to blow The Horn of Helm Hammerhand. At 20 inches wide, this formidable set features an opening main gate, a hidden door, an exploding wall, and eight mini-figures that allow kids ages 10 and up to recreate the signature battle from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

LEGO Monster fighters Vampyre Castle

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LEGO Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle

It's time for the final showdown with the Vampyre. He has gathered all 6 moonstones at his castle and is about to cloak the world in darkness forever so that his followers can roam free for the rest of eternity. Will our heroes Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer survive the castle's hidden spikes and traps to disable the moonstone device? Or will the Vampyre's bride and the manbats throw them into the castle dungeon? You decide. Includes 6 minifigures: Rodney Rathbone, Jack McHammer, the Vampyre, the Vampyre's bride and 2 manbats.

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