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Book - Jersey Shore: Vintage Images of Bygone Days

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Jersey Shore: Vintage Images of Bygone Days
by Emil R. Salvini - 2008

Jersey Shore: Vintage Images of Bygone Days is an illustrated cultural history of "The Shore" as it evolved in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The author recounts stories of the people and events that shaped the physical, economic, and social development of the coastal resort towns, recapturing their glory days (boardwalks and beaches) and their tragedies (storms and shipwrecks) in 172 high-quality, b/w vintage (and a few contemporary) photographs.

Book - Beach Bum's Guide to the Boardwalks of New Jersey

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Beach Bum's Guide to the Boardwalks
of New Jersey by
Dick Handschuch and Sal Marino - 2008

New Jersey is home to classic and legendary boardwalks -- explore all of them, past and present, in this usefu l and informative guide to the Shore's ''boards.'' This take-it-with-you guidebook offers locations, directions, maps, as well as side trip suggestions. Boardwalk history and trivia are provided alongside color photographs and old postcard images. This expanded and revised 2nd edition also includes a new section about biking the boardwalks, too.

Book - Explorer

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Explorer's Guide Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May by Jen A. Miller - 2011

Expert coverage of the distinctive 47 miles of southern New Jersey shore region, from Atlantic City to Cape May. Featuring expert coverage of the distinctive New Jersey shore region, from Atlantic City to Cape May. Jen Miller uncovers the fast-paced excitement that is Atlantic City, catering to visitors who are captivated by casino gambling, world-class entertainment, and nonstop nightlife. In addition, this upbeat guide includes Cape May information for bird-watchers, beachgoers, and fans of Victoriana: tour the town by trolley, enjoy culinary delights from crabcakes to international cuisine, or simply relax by the ocean. Finally, the ultimate Jersey Shore getaway―the Wildwoods―tempts with saltwater taffy, funnel cakes, fresh breezes, and countless other delicacies. 100 full-color photographs.

Book - Jersey Shore History & Facts

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Jersey Shore History & Facts by Kevin Woyce - 2006

Have you ever wondered why there is an elephant shaped building in Margate? Who build a concrete ship (and why did it sink near Cape May)? Why are there towns on the Jersey Shore named Ship Bottom, Loveladies, and Rio Grande? In JERSEY SHORE HISTORY & FACTS, you will find answers to all of these questions, and may more. So join author and photographer Kevin Woyce for a breezy tour of our coastal history--from pirates, shipwrecks, and lighthouses to grand hotels, abandoned forts, and today's most popular boardwalks. Illustrated with more than 70 original black and white photographs and vintage postcard images.

Book - Jersey Shore Cook Book

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Jersey Shore Cook Book by Deborah Smith - 2016

Coastal cuisine from Asbury Park to Cape May. The warm sand. The salt air. The boardwalk. The food! Summer at the Jersey Shore is unforgettable no matter which seaside destination is yours. And with The Jersey Shore Cookbook, you can have a taste of summer all year long. It features 50 recipes contributed by well-loved shore town restaurants, bakeries, markets, and more. From fresh oysters, scallops, and tilefish to Garden State tomatoes, corn, and blueberries, the perfect New Jersey ingredients shine.

Book - Jersey Shore Thrill Killer

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Jersey Shore Thrill Killer: Richard Biegenwald by John O'Rourke - 2014

Beachgoers usually dread riptides and rainy days, but from 1974 to 1983, a different fear gripped the New Jersey Shore: young women were disappearing. Their abductor was Richard Biegenwald, a man released for good behavior after serving seventeen years in prison for murder and spending time in a psychiatric facility. Police arrested him on suspicion of rape, and it was not until they connected him to a woman's death in Asbury Park that he finally stopped his rampage. Investigators later linked him to nine murders and convicted him of five. Former New Jersey state trooper John O'Rourke narrates the chilling story of the Jersey Shore Thrill Killer.

Book - Boardwalk Memories: Tales of The Jersey Shore

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Boardwalk Memories: Tales of The Jersey Shore by Emil Salvini - 2006

Baby parades, swirling carousels, ringing arcades, strolling couples--life along the boardwalks of New Jersey remains a vibrant memory for those who experienced it. Join New Jersey historian Emil R. Salvini as he shares the history, legend, and lore of these magnificent miles. Millions of tourists have at one time or another visited the "shore," as the locals fondly refer to the 127-mile coastline between Atlantic Highlands and Cape May Point. Few leave without a special boardwalk memory.
Relive these experiences and celebrate the boardwalk's rich history through this beautiful book, as pages of archival photographs and fascinating memories bring the boardwalk's nostalgic past to life.

Book - Jersey Shore Facts & Photos

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Jersey Shore Facts & Photos by Kevin Woyne - 2007

Author and photographer Kevin Woyce takes you on a guided tour of Jersey shore history--from the distant past of pirates and shipwrecks, through the Golden Years of your favorite summer resorts, the Roaring 20s, the Space Age 50s, and right up to today. Find our how some of our shore towns got their unusual names; why there is an elephant-shaped building in Margate; who the guy with the grin was in Asbury Park; and much more! Illustrated throughout with original black and white photographs of Jersey shore lighthouses, boardwalks, and historic landmarks--including a special Photo Essay section on Jersey Shore Architecture. Kevin Woyce lives in Lyndhurst, NJ; a lifelong resident of the Garden State, he has been taking photographs at the shore for more than a dozen years.

Book - Jersey Shore Facts & Photos

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Birth of the Jersey Shore by Randall Gabrielan - 2015

AThe Jersey Shore evokes images of boardwalks and beach resorts, but its beginnings were far different. In the mid-nineteenth century, visionary entrepreneurs transformed the sleepy agrarian and maritime communities of the Garden State coast with a series of energetic new visitors and venues. Artists, politicians, athletes, entertainers and ordinary residents all played a hand in revitalizing the region. Major development of resorts began in Atlantic City in 1854, and it grew into Americas Favorite Playground. Joel Hayward was principally responsible for the formation of Ocean County, and the Albert brothers popularized Pinelands folk music. In the twentieth century, construction became more residential, and beloved businesses like the Smithville Inn started to cater to long-term patrons. New Jersey historian Randall Gabrielan traces the stories of the people who turned the Jersey Shore into the summer and residential destination that it is today.

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