Steel Pier

Steel Pier is one of Atlantic City's most exiting and fun attractions.

Atlantic City Steel Pier

Steel Pier is located on the Atlantic City Boardwalk at Pennsylvania Avenue. It is directly across from the Trump Taj Mahal Casino.

During the summer months Steel Pier is open from 1:00 PM to midnight weekdays and from Noon to midnight Weekends.

Steel Pier Boardwalk Entrance

  Steel Pier Boardwalk Entrance

Steel Pier Rides and Amusements

Photos of Steel Pier rides and amusements are shown below.

The Rocket - Waiting to Launch

The Rocket

The Rocket was voted the most extreme ride experience in New Jersey.

The Rocket - Launch

Stell Pier The Rocket Ride

When the Rocket flings you into space, you can experience up to 5 Gs of acceleration.


Steel Pier DISK O Ride

The "Disc O" ride provides riders with quite a thrill.

Sea Dragon

Steel Pier Sea Dragon Ride

One of the newest rides is the Sea Dragon.

Mini Rocket

Steel Pier Mini Rocket Ride

The new Mini Rocket ride is very popular.

Ferris Wheel

Steel Pier Ferris Wheel

You could get a great views of Atlantic City from the top of the old Ferris Wheel. But now there is a new ferris wheel. See below.

New Ferris Wheel

New Steel Pier Observation Wheel

The new wheel is called an observation wheel and will take you 227 feet up in the air on a fifteen minute ride with spectacular views. The wheel is the third largest in the country. The wheel can hold 6 passengers per car.

A ride costs $15 for adults and $12 for children.

Helicopter Rides

Steel Pier Helicopter Rides

Out at the end of the Pier you can schedule a ride on a helicopter.

Bar and Grill

Steel Pier Bar and Grill

There is also a bar and grill at the end of the pier.

Racing Cars

Steel Pier Racing Cars

The kids love to ride the Racing Cars.

Bumper Cars

Steel pier Bumper Cars

The kids also love the Bumper Cars, I did too when I was a kid.

Crazy Mouse

Steel Pier Crazy Mouse Ride

The Crazy Mouse is one of the more exciting rides.

Fun Slide

Steel Pier Fun Slide

The Fun Slide is always busy.

Rock Climbing

Steel Pier Rock Climbing

There is usually a line of kids waiting for a chance to climb the Rock.


Steel Pier Carousel

The Steel Pier Carousel was imported from Italy.

Children's Airplane Ride

Steel Pier Childrens Airplane Ride

Steel Pier has many rides for smaller children, like this Airplane Ride.

Fire Department Ride

Steel Pier Fire Department Ride

The Fire Department ride is very popular with the smaller children.

Chidren's Motorcycle Ride

Steel Pier Childrens Motorcycle Ride

Children's Animal Ride

Steel Pier Animal Ride

Basket Ball Game

Steel Pier Basketball Game

Water Gun Game

Water Guns

Prize Palace

Prize Palace

Steel Pier Operating Hours

During the season, up to Labor Day, Steel Pier opens at 1:00 PM weekdays. and at noon weekends.

Book About Steel Pier

Steel Pier, Atlantic City: Showplace of the Nation
by Steve Liebowitz, 2009

For much of the 20th century the Steel Pier
in Atlantic City, NJ, was the center of American entertainment on the East Coast. There were big bands, movies, sideshows, acrobats, flag-pole sitters, Frank Sinatra, Miss America -- and throngs of people lining up to get a seat so they could watch brave horses and riders dive into a pool of water. It was aptly called the ''Showplace of the Nation'' and it was all that and more. Steel Pier evokes a time when more really was more, a time when there was so much invention, talent and industry that it could only be experienced in one place -- at the edge of the continent, in a city that took its name from a vast ocean, on a great pier reaching out into the sea.

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Steel Pier, Atlantic City: Showplace of the Nation