Boardwalk Empire

The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City.

Boardwalk Empire is the name of a book about Atlantic City authored by Nelson Johnson and published by the Plexus Publishing, Inc.

The HBO series, "Boardwalk Empire," is based on this book.

Boardwalk Empier - Book

An empire built on dreams, desires,
and shifting sand ---

Through most of the 20th century, Atlantic City was controlled by a powerful partnership of local politicians and racketeers. Funded by payoffs from gambling rooms, bars, and brothels, this corrupt alliance reached full bloom during the reign of "Nucky" Johnson--the second of three bosses to head the Republican machine that dominated city and society.

In Boardwalk Empire, Nucky Johnson, Louis "the Commodore" Kuehnle, Frank "Hap" Farley, and Atlantic City itself spring to life in all their garish splendor. Author Nelson Johnson traces "AC" from
its birth as a quiet seaside health resort, through the notorious backroom politics and power struggles, to the city's rebirth as an international entertainment and gambling mecca.

Irresistably told, with characters and pacing worthy of a well-crafted novel, Boardwalk Empire is the true story of a colorful city and its unique political culture.

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The Ritz Carlton Hotel

The 600 room Ritz Carlton Hotel opened in 1921 at Iowa Avenue and the Boardwalk. Nucky Johnson Leased the entire ninth floor. From there he could view the ocean as he had his breakfast. The Ritz Carlton became Nucky's headquarters, from which he ruled Atlantic City.

Famous guests who stayed at the Ritz Carlton include: Al Capone, Calvin Cooledge, Warren G. Harding, Herbert Hoover,Lucky Luciano and Lawrence Tibbet.

In 1980 the Ritz Carlton association purchased the Ritz Carlton Hotel and converted it into condominiums. It is now named The Ritz Condominiums. A recent renovation program restored the building to its former grandeur.

Some interesting photos are shown below.

Original Ritz Carlton Hotel

The Ritz Carton Hotel in 1921.

View From the Ritz Carlton Hotel

Nucky Johnson's view from the 9th floor of The Ritz Carton Hotel.

The Ritz Condominiums Today

The Ritz Condominiums today.

 The Ritz Condominiums Lobby

The Ritz Condominiums Lobby, restored to its original look.