Casino Slot Machines

About 70 percent of a casino's income comes from slot machines.

 Casino Slot Machine

Casino Slot Machine

Three 7s on a slot machine

Three 7s - A Winner

Slot Machines

Originally slot machines were coin-operated machines that have three or more reels, which spin when an operator pulls a lever on the side of the machine. These days instead of pulling a lever you push a button, and instead of coins you use credits that are obtained by swiping a credit card.

The reels, either real or computer simulated, have brightly-colored symbols on them such as fruit, bells, numbers or diamonds. When the spinning reels come
to a stop, payouts can occur for certain arrangements of the symbols displayed; for example if three 7s line up next to each other. The payout takes the form of coins tumbling out, or an increase in displayed credits.

The hope of the player is that the machine will pay out more coins, or credits, than are put in. Although this can happen over certain short intervals, over the long term the machines always pay out less than was inserted.

Slot machines have no memory. If you haven't won for awhile, don't think your due. Each pull of the handle, or push of a button, initiates the computer within the machine to select a new random number which drives the display reels.

The machines are typically programed to pay out as winnings between 82 and 93 percent of the money played. Atlantic City machines, by law, must pay out a minimum of 78 percent of the money wagered. According to an analysis by Spectrum Gaming Group, quoted on "The Morning Call" in January 2008, the average payout rate for NJ slot machines was 91.53 percent.

There are both Straight and Progressive slot machines. The straight slot machine has a set payout schedule that never changes. On a Progressive slot machine, the payout steadily increases the longer it is played until someone wins it all. It then is reset to its starting value.

The machines are sometimes called one-arm bandits, because of their ability
to leave the player penniless. The machines were originally all mechanical, but most have been replaced by computer-controlled machines. But the basic play has remained the same.

Slot shave much appeal because they can be played at the pace of the player, and they don't require skill. Playing slot machines should be considered entertainment. If you think of them this way, you will not be disappointed if you don't always win.

Casinos originally introduced slot machines as a way to keep wives and girl friends occupied while the men folk gambled at the gaming tables. Today, slot machines are the most popular gambling method, and are responsible for about 70 percent of the casino's income.

All the Atlantic City casinos have large numbers of slot machine on their casino floors.

PC Slots

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Slot Book

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Book - Slots Conquest

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