Boat Cruises at Atlantic City, N.J.

Atlantic City has some enjoyable and scenic boat cruises available.

Atlantic City Cruises

Atlantic City Cruises

Crusin 1

Atlantic City Cruises provides a variety of cruises on "Cruisin 1" that are a combination of ocean and bay cruises, highlighting the inlet and bay resorts of Atlantic city. It departs from Gardner's Basin.

Atlantic City Cruises offers the following boat cruises on the "Crusin 1":
Morning Skyline cruise starting at 11:00 AM, Monday - Friday
Dolphin Watching cruise, daily starting at 1:00 PM
Afternoon Delight cruise, daily starting at 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday
Happy Hour cruise starting at 6:00 PM, Monday - Friday

Phone: 609-347-7600
Website: Atlantic City Cruises

To find out about Gardner's Basin follow this link: Gardner's Basin