Monopoly Game New Rules

Hasbro, maker of the Monopoly board game, is considering a number of new "house rules," for playing the monopoly board game. These include those described below.

Free Parking, Fast Cash

All taxes and fees will be collected in the middle of the game board. If you land on Free Parking, you get to collect all the money that has accumulated in the middle of the board.

Dash for the Cash

If you land on Go, you get to collect 400 dollars, rather than the 200 dollars you would get for passing Go.

Monopoy Game Board

Monopoly Game Board

Lucky Roller

If you roll snake eyes (double one's)
-- collect 500 dollars. Lucky you.

3's a Crowd.

If 3 players in a row land on 3 unique properties, each player gets to collect 500 dollars.

Break the Bank

At the start of the game, leave half of money in the bank. Then mix the other half in the center of the board. On the count of 3 every player grabs what they can. Free for all!

Which ones would you vote for?