Vintage Monopoly Games

Collecting Monopoly Games

The Monopoly Game is one of the top 10 Great American Toy Classics.

Early editions of the Monopoly Game are considered vintage, and are highly prized by collectors.

Games sold buy Charles Darrow in 1934 before he got involved with Parker Brothers include the White Box and Black Box versions shown. Only 1,000 of the white box version were made. The white box edition included the game board in the box, while the black box version had a separate game board. About 7,500 of the black box version were made, but many of these never got into circulation. These Darrow versions of the Monopoly game are so rare that there is not much chance of finding one. Those that do exist are in the hands of collectors.

Darrow's White Box Monopoly Game

White Box Monopoly Game

Darrow's Black Box Monopoly Game

Black Box Monopoly Game

After Parker Brothers began selling the Monopoly Game in 1935, they sold both "black box" and "white box" versions with their Parker Brothers name on the boxes. The white box set was their Deluxe version, and became the most popular. This version is labeled: "Product Number Nine."

Most Monopoly games that were issued between 1934 and 1954 are considered rare and are mainly in the hands of collectors.

The White Box Edition, with "Product Number Nine," is the most sought after by collectors. Other issues they look for include:
Any early game that is sealed.
The 1946 Fine Edition.
The 1985 50th Anniversary set.
The 1995 Gold Foil 60th Anniversary Edition.
The 2001 Nostalgia Edition
Various others.

Estate sales and eBay are the main sources for finding vintage Monopoly games. Collectors monitor eBay activity daily, and quickly snatch up any Monopoly games or Monopoly items of value that appear there.

eBay has both helped and hurt Monopoly Game collecting. It has brought much more product to the market, which has lowered prices. However, it has provided an outlet for selling or re-selling games. Karen Power came across a pristine Darrow White Box Edition, bought it for $9 and resold it on eBay for $8,400.

A Parker Brothers Monopoly Game circa 1935 that was recently listed on eBay sold on May 25th, 2008 after 30 bidders bid the price up to $380. This game had a box missing one side, but was otherwise in good condition.

A monopoly game - the official last Parker Bros. edition, '91 was recently listed on eBay at $2100.

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