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Monopoly World Edition

The Hasbro Toy company has released a global edition of the Monopoly Game. This edition is called the Here & Now:World Edition. Instead of the streets of Atlantic City, the game uses cities of the world. The cities of the world were selected by vote. Hasbro said that 6 Million votes were cast during an online contest to select the cities that would be on the World Edition Game Board.

In addition this new game edition uses current money values that reflect inflation.

The most popular and expensive property on the original monopoly board was Boardwalk which was on one of the dark blue spaces. This is now replaced by the city of Montreal, which becomes the games most prestigious property . The Latvian capital Riga replaces Park Place on the other dark blue space.

The cities that cover the other color spaces on the new World Edition game board are shown in the figure on the right.

In this new game the Chance and Community Chest cards reflect cultural events and scenarios from countries around the world.

This latest version of the Monopoly Game is printed in 37 languages and sold in 50 countries.

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