Monopoly Game World Champions

Over the years numerous Monopoly Game World Championship Tournaments have been held to determine a World Monopoly Game Champion. Qualifying tournaments were also held in participating countries to determine a national champion that would represent that country in the World Monopoly Game Championship.

The winners of the U.S. Championship and of the World Monopoly Game Championship over the years that tournaments were held, from 1974 to 2009, are shown below.

U.S. and World Monopoly Game Champions
Year Location U.S. Champion Wold Champion
1973 Washington D.C. Lee Bayrd Lee Bayrd - U.S.
1975 Washington D.C. Gus Gostomelsky John Mair - UK
1977 Monte Carlo Dana Terman Cheng Seng Kwa - Singapore
1980 Bermuda Dana Terman Cesare Bernabei - Italy
1983 Palm Beach, FL Jerome Dausman Greg Jacobs - New Zealand
1985 Atlantic City, NJ Jim Forbes Jason Bunn - UK
1988 London, UK Gary Peters Ikuo Hyakuta - Japan
1992 Berlin, Germany Gary Peters Joost von Oren - Netherlands
1995 Monte Carlo Roger Craig Christopher Woo - Hong Kong
2000 Toronto, Canada Matt Gissel Yutaka Okada - Japan
2004 Tokyo, Japan Matt McNally Antonio Fernandez - Spain
2009 Caesars, Las Vegas Richard Marinaccio Bjorn Halvard Knappskog - Norway

Reference: "The Monopoly Companion - The Players Guide", by Philip E. Orbanes.

2009 Monopoly World Championships Las Vegas!

The monopoly world championship tournament took place in October, 2009 when the best MONOPOLY players from around the globe gathered in Las Vegas to compete in the 13th MONOPOLY World Championships. National champions from nearly 40 countries competed for MONOPOLY glory and a prize pot of $20,580, the total amount of money available in the standard Monopoly game bank.

Bjorn Halvard Knappskog, 19 from Norway won the championship when his final opponents couldn't afford to pay the rent when they landed on prime real estate owned by Bjorn.

Tournament organizers provided live web streaming to capture all the action - fans of the game witnessed the fast paced tournament where players often went bankrupt in less than 30 minutes!

The competition to select the US National Champion took place in April 2009 in Washington DC.

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