Hell's Kitchen TV Show - Filmed at the Borgata

The 5th season of the Fox Networks TV show, Hell's Kitchen, was filmed at the Borgata.

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Hell's Kitchen is an American reality-television cooking competition, based on a series of the same name, broadcast in the UK.

One of the The Hell's Kitchen TV show's episodes, which ran in 2009, was filmed at the Borgata.

World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay was back for a fifth course of the sizzling unscripted series HELL'S KITCHEN. The show follows wannabe chefs as they slice and dice their way through each episode, vying for Ramsay's attention in hopes of winning a life-changing culinary prize.

The intensity heats up each week as the ambitious hopefuls try to prove they have what it takes. Ramsay weeds out the bad apples, keeping only those who possess the right combination of ingredients to achieve success. Both his sharp tongue and the contestants inexperience are often a recipe for disaster in this pressure-cooker environment. Only one thing is certain: If the contestants can't stand the heat, they'll have to get out of Hell's Kitchen.

The popular reality cooking show, where 16 aspiring chefs try to win over the often irate and vulgar Chef Gordon Ramsay's palate and respect, was filmed last spring at Borgata. The winner will receive a head chef position at the Borgata.

Last year, in Season Four of HELL'S KITCHEN, Christina Machamer won the coveted senior chef position at The London West Hollywood.

During 2009 the Hell's Kitchen TV show aired on Thursdays at 9 PM on the Fox Network.

The 2009 "Hells Kitchen" winner and new Borgata chef was Danny Veltri.